HDWE160EZSTA - Toshiba X300 - Hard drive

6 TB - internal - 3.5" - SATA 6Gb/s - 7200 rpm - buffer: 128 MB
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Manufacturer Toshiba
Part number HDWE160EZSTA
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    • Powerful performance
    • Responds in an instant
    • Premium storage
    • Advanced read and write technology
    • Keep data secure
    Toshiba's X300 3.5" internal hard drive is designed for your professional or gaming PC - delivering reliable, large capacity, incredibly high performance storage that's ideal for PC gamers, graphic designers, and other users with high demanding requirements. Dual-stage actuator design improves positional accuracy throughout reading and writing to reduce the interruptions caused by vibrations, while Perpendicular Magnetic Recording and Tunnel Magneto-Resistive technologies ensure stable recording that makes the most of your hard drive space. Not only do the X300's features support easy reading and writing, but they promote safe storage with a ramp loading design that prevents damage on the move, as well as shock resistance that will cut the power in the event of physical stress to the hard drive or desktop system, keeping your stored media secure and intact. The X300 puts the renowned power and reliability of Toshiba technology to work in your desktop PC.

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